Apple’s iOS 13 will display Dark Mode and updated apps

Apple is expected to release iOS13 the final version in early September subsequent to the iPhone 11 series. The company will be offering public and developer betas. iOS13 will be featuring a series of updated apps.


What’s new

As reported, iOS 13 is introducing a series of updated apps. The Reminders will get a revamp massively on iPad. There will be a sidebar with individual boxes prompting ‘Scheduled, Today, Flagged, and All’ along with the new box.


The drastic changes in Dark Mode is totally new and barely noticeable are these modification on the home screen of the iOS 13. The only change that is visible here is the app dock that takes a dark background. However, Apple is going to release the Dark Mode wallpapers to highlight its features.

Apple’s iOS 13 will display Dark Mode and updated apps

Dark Mode

Substantiating the rumors is Apple’s built-in Dark Mode. It is simple to be activated using the Settings app or the Control Center. However, it depends a lot on dark greys and when possible it brings out the OLED blacks.


Not every app the Apple phones support Dark Mode. However, it looks like Apple is fully prepared to come with a series of apps. For instance, while a user opens music, with the featuring getting activated, the colors get inverted. It means the light gray now appears in a darker tone and even the white backgrounds appear black. This is done to improve battery life as the pixels display may be turned off on iPhone X and iPhone XS completely.


Accompanying these is the redesigned Apple screenshot. It will replace the gray background revealing the user’s wallpaper’s blurred version. It will switch the tool icons and there will be more life-like alternatives. This will be the same interface on the iPad. Conversely, there is a round tray for tools that is easy to drag.

Apple’s iOS 13 will display Dark Mode and updated apps

Updated apps

Apples updated app ‘Find My’ is the new combination that incorporates both the features Find my iPhone’ and ‘Find my Friends’. The app Find My fills the screen. It has two windows on the entire screen. One window displays family & friends, while the other displays devices. Using Dark Mode, slowly the Map switches to dark gray, while the water also changes color to dark blue.

There is an anticipation of Apple to introduce updated widgets and new animations to the home screen left.