5G phones, the next-gen handsets will see dawn soon in 2019

The new 5G networks are found to be launching in more countries in later 2019. In fact, Qualcomm the Smartphone chip maker said 2019 may see more than 30 devices with 5G and most are Smartphones.

Nevertheless, it will take some time to roll out with 5G networks and during this time there will be choices to whet your appetite. Here is a list of 5G phones launch.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The first 5G phone is announced by Samsung and the flagship top-end will be the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. The phone features a 4500mAh battery, a QHD + screen in 6.7-inch, RAM 8GB, top-end chipset, and four rear cameras. The cameras will have:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Factory Unlocked Phone with 128GB - Prism Black

  • An ultra-wide lens of 16MP
  • Variable aperture lens of 12MP
  • A telephoto lens of 12MP
  • 3D depth- sensing camera

The Galaxy S10 5G is equipped with a front-facing dual-lens camera and has storage of 256GB. This phone is out in the UK and the US. In the UK, you can avail it from Vodafone or EE on contract.

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

New OnePlus 7 Pro delivers innovation

As it announced earlier, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is launched and it has AMOLED all-screen curved display. This phone is equipped with Snapdragon 855 chipset, pop-up selfie camera, and screen refresh rate is 90Hz. It is available in the UK on a monthly contract basis and is now available only with EE.  Sooner it will be available in other countries.

Huawei Mate X


Huawei Mate X is a phone supporting 5G and it also folds. It features three screens:

  • An OLED display offering 8-inch big screen
  • The big screen allows folding to become the half-size; the smaller screens are 6.6 inches and 6.4 inches.

Huawei Mate X features a triple-lens camera, fast charging 4500 mAh battery, RAM 8GB, Kirin 980 chipset and storage of 512GB. The most exciting early 5G phone is Huawei Mate X and it is the most expensive. It will be available very soon by the mid of 2019.

Huawei also plans a traditional 5G handset to be released, Huawei Mate 20X, a new version. It will feature a triple-lens camera, a 7.2-inch huge screen and a battery of 4200mAh.  Huawei also disclosed that it is bringing a 5G version of Huawei Mate 30, the upcoming version.