Tips For Buying A PC For Your Parents

So, my father who is in his late 50’s decided that buying a PC was the thing to do. I am not exactly sure what led him to this decision, but I can tell you that he is not the most “technically minded” fellow in the world. He has had a laptop in the past, but it spent about three years down the side of the sofa. So, he wanted a “proper computer” as he put it that he could use.

Buying a PC for someone who is a bit older can be rather challenging, but I managed to do and I managed to do it without getting stressed, complained at by my dad and wishing the whole process would just be over! These are my tips to help you get the right desktop PC for your folks.

Gotta Go Fast!

Do not just buy or let them buy the cheapest desktop PC around! You want the PC to boot up quickly and be ready for use as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is them calling you up because the PC took 3 minutes to fully turn on and they have clicked a load of buttons and it is now not working right. A PC that boots up quickly is going to make their using of the PC much easier for them.

The Right OS

For me, there was no way I was spending the money to get my dad a Mac as I did not know if he was going to use it. To be fair he has never had an iPhone so it would not matter. Windows was the way to go for my dad and I think that it is easy enough to use that most “older” PC users will get the idea of Windows.

On the flip side of this if you have parents who already use an iPhone then they may respond better to a Mac as it will seem more familiar for them.

Computer Desktop PC

Set It Up, Then Give It To Them

I am going to save you a major headache right now! Buy the desktop PC by yourself or get it sent to your house first. Set it all up so it is ready to go and THEN take it to your parent’s house and set it up for them. The last thing you want is your less than technically minded parental figure standing over your shoulder offering advice on how to set it up.

When you are setting it up you can make sure that the toolbar has all the stuff, they need easy access to. In my dads’ case, this was Google Chrome, Netflix, WWE Network, Microsoft Word and Facebook. I would also advise making sure that any apps they might need are on there for them. If you have access to things like their email and banking, setting that up for them might also be the way to go.

It is awesome that more older people are embracing technology. I really think that a desktop PC is the way to go for someone. Buying a PC is a great thing and as long as you help them set it up, figure things out and are on hand for tech support. You will be amazed at how quickly they pick it all up.