How To Clean A PS4 Controller

The DualShock 4 is a fantastic controller, but the PS4 controller does have some problems. Dead zones and not picking up movements are the main things that drive people nuts! Today I am taking you through the steps of properly cleaning your PlayStation 4 controller!

I am not saying that this will 100 percent fix your issues. However, from personal experience, I can tell you that these steps have saved two of my controllers from the junk pile which in turn has saved me over 100 bucks! So, if your controller is not functioning properly. Try these steps for cleaning a PS controller.

Things You Need:

Baby wipes

Rubbing alcohol


Cotton buds/Q tips



Step 1: The first thing you want to do is use some very gentle baby wipes and give the whole controller a good general cleaning. PS4 controllers can get really grimy and we want as much of that off before we start. Once done, get a cloth (preferably a microfiber one) and dry off any wetness that the baby wipes left.


Step 2: Now you want to use your cotton buds and your rubbing alcohol. First, we are going to clean the PS4 controller analog sticks as in my experience this is where most people have trouble. Put some rubbing alcohol on the cotton bud. Now you want to work it around the analog stick, getting right under it, click the stick in so you can get deeper.

Do not saturate the controller in the rubbing alcohol! Once you have gone around a few times. Start moving the analog stick around in a slow and controlled motion. This is hopefully going to work away any dust and grime that has built up. Do this for both analog sticks!


Step 3: You might as well give the face buttons and the shoulder buttons a clean too. Once again you want to use a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol. Cleaning the buttons of a PS4 controller is actually very easy. You rub the cotton bud along the side of a button (do one at a time) I like to start with the triangle button. Once you have gone around a few times, press the button a few times and this will get rid of anything that has built up in there.

Do this for all four of the face buttons and also the shoulder buttons. I always recommend that you use a new cotton bud for each button that you do.


Step 4: You can dry off your controller with a fresh cotton bud if you want to get in real deep or you can just give it a wipe down with your cloth and leave it to sit and dry. Now you can play a game and see if the controller is working as it should. I find a game that requires a lot of moving of the analog sticks like Call of Duty is a great way to test a controller.


As you can see cleaning a PS4 controller is very easy. I have used this method on two of my own controllers as well as a few friends and it has always worked. Of course, if it does not then you can try cleaning it again or perhaps there is something more seriously wrong with your controller. At the end of the day, it is better to give this a try before you write off a controller. Also please note that this method can also work with an Xbox One controller too!