Polaroid Has An Awesome Stranger Things Camera

Sometimes a product comes along that is so “strange” you just ask yourself why, but at the same time it is so awesome you also say, hell yeah. That is certainly the feeling that many people have gotten from Polaroid with their OneStep 2 Camera that is released as a tie into the Netflix show, Stranger Things.

Stranger Things is set during the 80s and this is a button that the series pushes really hard so having an instant kind of camera as a tie into this is very clever marketing and it is also pretty darn awesome. The new season of Stranger Things is going to be released on Netflix on the 4th of July and this camera is actually very clever.

On one hand, you have something that people who collect cameras are going to just eat up. Also on the flip side of that, you will also bring in people who are fans of Stranger Things and 80s related stuff in general. Polaroid could very well get some new people into photography because of this camera and that is really cool.

This OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition has a really cool retro style it is the kind of camera that a lot of folks will probably buy to pit on display. I love how it has an “Upside Down” kind of style and branding to it as this is a very clever wink to the Stranger Things TV show that fans are going to eat up.

Stranger Things Camera

While the actual OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition Camera is really cool Polaroid is also releasing a special film to go along with the camera. The film like the camera also has a Stranger Things coating of paint over the packaging, but the film has that little extra something that if you ask me makes it an essential purchase for those getting the camera.

The film has special Stranger Things boarders on it which are really cool. There are a few different designs on the film, but my personal favorite is the arcade high score from the second season when the guys first meet Max. So far Polaroid is offering a standard 8 pack of the film along with a three pack.

So far the only stumbling block for this might be the price. The actual camera is going to cost you around 120 bucks, but this does not include any film. The Starter Pack which costs, around the 150 – 170 bucks price range depending on where you shop. Comes with an 8 pack of the film included.

Stranger Things Edition Camera

The OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition Camera is a really fun thing for the folks at Polaroid to release. The OneStep 2 is already a really solid instant camera and this Stranger Things version just makes it a lot more fun.

While I am sure they will sell quite a few of these in the coming weeks as people get excited about the show. I have a real feeling that it will be the holidays when we see these things fly off the store shelves. Especially if by then stores and Polaroid themselves have knocked 20 or so bucks off the asking price.